andrew hume


Born in 1951, Andrew Hume is a British artist and puppeteer. He studied at the West Surrey College of Art & Design from 1967-1971 and was an early member of the Bath Arts Workshop and Natural Theatre Company with which he was involved from 1971 to 1979, before establishing and running the Bath Puppet Theatre (1979-2000) in a permanent theatre space near the famous Pulteney Bridge.


From 2000-2002 Andrew worked for Matrix of Bristol making theatre sets and masks. He founded the Ice House Theatre in Bath (2002-2004) where he organised puppet shows, exhibitions and films and from 2004-2008 he worked on casting and mould making for sculptors at the Opus Studios Bristol.


Andrew has worked throughout on his own sculptures, automata and installations. His work reflects an interest in social and political issues, a questioning of the status quo, the inequalities of an increasingly polarized society and concern for the environment. Some animated constructions have a hint of antique fairground architecture about them reminiscent of penny arcade slot machines. 


Alongside his art work, Andrew continues to delight and entertain successive generations of children and their parents with his original and interactive puppet shows, performing in private homes, schools, village halls and fairs.



2002 The Ice House Bath

2004 The Ice House Bath

         2008 Chapel Row Gallery Bath

        2009 (February) Chapel Row Gallery Bath

      2009 (August) Chapel Row Gallery Bath 

2015 Bath Open Studios

2016 Bath Open Studios

2017 Bath Society of Artists Open

2018 Bath Open Studios

2018 Cloth Road Arts 

2018 The Edge. University of Bath